WZ20 ION Hi-res Bullet Camera

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  • 550 TVL high resolution 1/3 in LXR ceo
  • Mechanical filter for vivid daytime color
  • 46 m (150 ft) of high performance night vision
  • 5 to 50 mm varifocal auto-iris IR-corrected lens
  • 1P66 with external zom and focus adjustments

The WZ20 brings together high resolution LXR imaging, the latest advances In mechanical filter lensing technology and ruthlessly efficient dealer-friendly design. The camera delivers 45 m (150 ft) of high performance night vlslcn. The WZ20 Incorporates 30 LEOs which are powerful enough to drive infrared to a maximum range of 91 m (300 ft). For the purposes of CCTV surveillance imaging, the resulting Infrared illumination delivers high performance night vision Imaging up to a distance of 45 m (150 ft). The WZ20 uses proprietary LXR 1/3 In CCO technology, delivering 550 TVL Images. LXR technology is field-proven for outstanding IR spectral response, as well as video Images characterized by low-smear, low-streak and excellent anti-blooming characteristics. Using a dual window IR-Cut and IR-Pass filter, the WZ20 delivers vivid color during day and outstanding sensitivity to infrared at night. Photocell-control increases energy efficiency and ensures accurate day-night switching for outstanding 24/7 performance. The WZ20 also features a versatile 5 to 50 mm IR-corrected lens for outstanding performance under both visible light and infrared illumination. Combined with the mechanical filter technology. the WZ20 optical core virtually eliminates focus shift between color and infrared modes. allowing sharp focus during day or at night.

Focus and zoom are controlled externally by hand, requiring no tools and making the 5 to 50 mm IR-corrected lens effortless to adjust. A 900 pan I 3600 tilt bracket and sunshield are both included as standard.


  • Applications
  • Commercial
  • Schools and colleges
  • Industrial sites
  • Residential
  • Warehouses
  • Parking lots
  • Retail
  • Hotels and nightclubs
  • Transportation hubs
  • Perimeters